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Unconditional basic income – UBI for short

On 2.7.2016 I wrote a basic program, which I can keep for myself and do not have to change.

An Alliance of Basic Income Representatives is committed to the introduction of an unconditional basic income. The aim is to secure the livelihood of all people with the help of an unconditional basic income and to enable democratic participation in the community.

Unconditionality is to be understood in the sense without means test and without coercion to work or other consideration.

A basic income is an income which a political community unconditionally grants to each of its members.

The basic income is paid to individuals instead of households.
It is available to every person regardless of any other income.

An alliance of the basic income representatives understands itself as humans, who pursue no other purpose than in the democratic context of the Federal Republic of Germany the introduction of the basic income with democratic means to advance.

Due to the size of the project, this is a task for society as a whole that influences all parts of the economy and politics. Totalitarian or fascist aspirations contradict the idea of the individual free human being who receives the basic income without conditions. This also includes the fact that society must be free and a basic income must not be enforced either by force or by undemocratic means.

The basic income is feasible within the framework of the current constitution and there is no need to change the democratic system. Direct candidacies are a possible democratic means of getting into parliaments. An alliance of basic income representatives is partisan in the sense of introducing the unconditional basic income.

Basic income representatives stand up for the unconditional basic income, even if they can also pursue other goals. An alliance of basic income representatives does not deny that there are other worthwhile goals, but deliberately limits itself to the unconditional basic income, since there are no referendums nationwide in the Federal Republic of Germany, a direct candidacy is one way to advance the issue.

The individual representatives of the basic income are free to get involved in other topics in other parties.

An alliance of the basic income representatives is however naturally obligated to the basic income. Basic income representatives have to decide to the best of their knowledge and belief and to examine to what extent a decision affects the basic income. Since the basic income requires a financial framework that affects the entire household, there is unlikely to be an area in which MEPs representing the basic income cannot have a say. The unconditional basic income also has a foreign policy relevance, since it cannot be denied that if the Federal Republic of Germany were to be the first to introduce it, migration movements could arise.

Here a basic income representative always advocates a basic income and if the solution should be the European level, then basic income representatives advocate a European solution. It would be presumptuous to immediately enforce a worldwide basic income, this impossibility is known to the basic income representative.

Inspired by the political will to promote and demand an unconditional basic income, I am fighting, despite all the political adversity, for an issue whose complexity affects all issues.

My basic programme of 2.7.2016,

Arnold Schiller